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The Value of Perspectives  

The Colorado River, one of the biggest in the US, provides water to millions of US citizens, industry and crops. It supports the lavish lifestyle of multiple US cities, rather oasis, in 7 different states. However, it also flows through 2 states in northern Mexico and is supposed to empty in the gulf of California onceContinue reading “The Value of Perspectives  “

A Flashback on 2021

The year of 2021 has ended giving way to the start of a new year. In contrast to the previous year that we kicked off with our new year’s resolutions, this year it seems people are way more wary. As society started opening up and going back to normal, 2021 had people revisiting their old bucketContinue reading “A Flashback on 2021”

Do guns protect, or do they kill? 

Americas support for tighter gun control has fallen five percentage points to 52%, the lowest since 2014. At the same time, 35% of American adults believe that laws on the sale of guns to fire should be maintained as they are now and 11% favor less stringent laws.  U.S. support for stricter gun laws has generally increased following high-profile massContinue reading “Do guns protect, or do they kill? “

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